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As a person who loves urban music, I always thought about creating my own beats and music. The problem was I knew nothing about how to create beats from scratch and there just wasn’t much information out there on the subject. I did know I needed some beats software.

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I leaned the fancy term for this software is a DAW. This stands for Digital Audio Workstation. There are tons of them out there and some cost way more than my budget allowed for.

Not to mention, in video previews I saw of some of these beat making software packages in action, they looked like NASA control panels. I wasn’t going to spend that much money on something that looked that complicated and basically offered no tutorials on how to get started creating rocking beats.

So there I was swamped with music production software choices and I still had no clue how to get my fingers wet in the beat making game.

So I came up with a plan.

Firstly, I whittled down all the software I’d come across based on cost and said au revoir to the software outside of my price range.

Next I did some research into the features and jargon used. That’s the only reason I know what DAW means.

Then only the software packages with the most desirable features and the best selection of sample kits were saved. I also got rid of the beat making software that didn’t state they came with tutorials. I knew nothing, I needed tutorials!

I was finally getting somewhere.

Ok time to read reviews.

I scoured the internet for reviews by typing “[product name] review” into Google for each of the lucky remaining selections on my list.

I must have read 30 or so reviews that day.

Then I decided on a product called Dr. Drum.

in this post I'll tell you the program I found best for making beats.

in this post I’ll tell you the program I found best for making beats.

The sales page stated this beat creation software was initially made as an introductory tool for those getting into beat production on a small scale. However, a few months later they outgrew their own vision and the software become much more.

Sounded perfect.

For me personally it was the tutorials that swung it. They weren’t described as the run of the mill “how to use the software”, but were full lessons on getting going with making killer beats.

I bought it and got started.

Of course I started with the tutorials and they didn’t disappoint.

Each of them was short and to the point. They took me by the hand and taught me a range of music production and music theory related material. The best thing is they did this while utilising the software its self. So I was able to hit two birds with one stone and all the concepts about making beats and the software it’s self at the same time.

Here’s a quick list of the content covered:

  • Sequencing
  • Chord Progressions
  • Beats Per Minute
  • How to play the piano keys
  • How to structure proper bars
  • How to edit
  • Mix and Master
  • Learn Chords
  • Melody Creation
  • Beat patterns
  • Chorus Riffs
  • Bridge Placements
  • Constructing Intros and Outros
  • Gap Builds
  • Bass Lines
  • VOX Effect use
  • Builds
  • Rolls
  • Drum patters
  • And more

As to the software its self, it’s smooth and easy to use after watching just a few of the tutorial videos.It’s made up of three main components:

  1. 16 Track Sequencer
  2. Drum Machine
  3. 4 Octave Keyboard

If you don’t understand what they are, don’t worry. The tutorials will get you going.

Suffice to say I found it easy to navigate and it had everything I needed and more to get me going.

I won’t go into a comprehensive list of the software features. You can head over to the official site for all those details.

What I will say is it’s amazing to listen to something I created and even more so when I play my beats to friends.

I’m certainly not brilliant, but I’ve got going on a new hobby thanks to Dr. Drum.

If you want to start pumping out awesome beats, I’d highly recommend it.

Look I can’t promise you’ll like it as much as me, but at least click here to visit the site and see if it interests you. There’s even some demo videos listed and some examples of the type of stuff you can produce.

So go check it out, see if fits what you’re after and give it a go if so.

Hopefully this article has been helpful and I wish you look in your path to making kick arse beats and mastering whatever beats software you selected.

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